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Montessori Schools in Dubai

Our Programmes

Toddler Years - ages 18 months to 2 years

Developing Gross Motor Skills, Social Skills and Language awareness is of paramount importance at this stage in a child's life. They also need to feel secure and loved in order to ensure their emotional well-being. Personal development at this stage is also crucial where they need to learn to follow rules and adhere to social manners. The toddler years programme is especially tailored to achieve these development milestones. This programme, however, is also flexible to accommodate the child's early years progression in terms of mealtimes and sleep.

Nursery Years - ages 2 to 3 years

Bridging the gap from the toddler years to the nursery years smoothly and gradually is important for the positive long-term educational development of the child. Our educational experts have devised a fun and engaging programme that introduces the world of academic learning to the child. Literacy, Numeracy concepts, along with understanding and knowledge of the world is introduced through music, art and exploration to build upon the natural inquisitiveness of the young learner.

The child's emotional well-being, personal and physical development are also focused upon along-side as the child ventures into the world of holistic education.

Foundation Years - 3+ years

This programme has been especially developed by experts keeping in mind the child's learning pedagogy and seeks to prepare him or her to get ready for a successful entry into school. Literacy Skills and language development, both in English and Arabic, is focused upon. Numeracy concepts are also introduced in a fun and exciting way, which the learners can apply in the real world. Also, the child's general knowledge is enhanced through Knowledge & Understanding of the World.

There are also weekly gym and physical development programmes for the child's health and physical well-being conducted by experts in the field. Manners, moral and health values are inculcated in the child through our personal development programme. But most importantly, the child's psychological and emotional well-being is taken care of as he or she transcends through the individual educational journey.

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