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Special Needs Schools for kids in Dubai

Nursery Schools in Dubai

Special needs educators have an immense responsibility

Often met with an ambiguous definition, the umbrella term of ‘special needs education’ broadly identifies the academic, physical, cognitive and social-emotional instructions offered to ...

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  • “Kai has been attending first Steps Nursery for the past couple of months and is really enjoying it. He does plenty of activities and comes home everyday with a smile. He really enjoyed his trip out to the bakery. We are very happy with his progress in such a short time and would recommend First Steps to everyone. Keep up the good work!”

    — Mark & Diana Conway

  • “When we enrolled to the First Steps Montessori, we were very confused and concerned about our son, Daniel. Though he showed a little tantrum in the beginning, he settled really quickly and thoroughly started enjoying his time with his friends and staffs. We had seen him grow in confidence and independence in ways that we just could not have imagined. The staffs are professional, caring and are brilliant with my son. He still has a great loving relationship with many of them. We are also very thankful for the valuable advice of the staff to us regarding Daniel's step to formal education. I have recommended First Steps to others and shall continue to do so. Thank You!”

    — Megha & Benoy

  • “Leaving my first child for the first time was really difficult for me. I visited a lot of other nurseries but was not satisfied. However, at First Steps Nursery, I found highly professional and passionate staff. They respect every child's needs and listen to my concerns as a parent. This nursery is definitely a lovely and compassionate place to be and I cannot recommend it highly enough! A big thank you to the staff for making my little son comfortable, settled and happy. I certainly am a relieved mum because I found a wonderful nursery!”

    — Mrs Nadine ( 22 month old Jadd's mother)

  • My twins were born premature and we raised them like cotton balls. I was very scared to leave them anywhere since they also suffered from speech delay. We chose First Steps after meeting some other parents at the nursery. I am very happy with their development mashallah! They are now very confident and ready to join big school. The patience and perseverance of the staff made my children turn around.

    — Mrs. Eman (Asma & Aman's mom)

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